Our WB framework protects the company, its employees and related parties, and at the same time promote responsible and secure whistleblowing without fear of reprisals, adverse consequences or breach of confidentiality or anonymity of the reporting party or parties.

Your identity is protected and you may remain anonymous if you prefer.

Your employees, and related outside parties such as contractors, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders may use the process set out here to report any concerns or complaints regarding the following:

•  Fraud
•  Corruption and bribery
•  Theft or Misappropriation
•  Discrimination or based on gender, race, disabilities
•  Harassment
•  Employee or staff misconduct
•  Unsafe work practices
•  Leaking of confidential information to competitors
•  Collusion with competitors
•  Suggestions for improvement of work environment
•  Any other areas not covered above but important for management to know